Hot and Cold Pack Micro Wave Reusable

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Hot and Cold Pack Micro Wave Reusable


size W23cmXH14.5cmXD2.5cm

Weight 600g

Made in Japan


Wrap this heat pack with towel, then put on affected aria.

Do not put it directly on your skin.

<Heating Method>
・Please place the gel bag in the middle of a plate.
・Be sure to check the wattage of the microwave oven and heat it according to the heating time notation。After heating on the front side, turn it upside down and heat up. don’t heat anything over the heating time notation.
・If the bag inflates or bursts, immediately switch off and leave enough time afterwards for the item to cool.
· When taking out, please do not grab with bare hands.

Output Watt

500W~600W・・・1min 30 sec(front)/1min 30 sec(back)

<Cooling method>
· Place in a plastic bag and cool it for at least 3 hours with a freezer.

・Depending on the ambient temperature and body temperature, the warmth / cool time may vary.
・Different manufacturers of microwave and freezers may change the temperature of the gel bag.
・In case of disposal please follow the local ordinance of each local government.


Gel bag・・・Active water、Polyhydric alcohol、Superabsorbent resin、Polyethylene

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