Japanese Bars

There are so many small bars in Japan.

If you want to see deep Japan I recommend go to some small bars.

When I went to Japan, My friend took me to a snack bar 'villa' in Ofuna.

The bar had a nice atmosphere, people talking together, drinking together and singing karaoke together!

The owner made a bento for our website, her cooking is amazing!

They were very creative and very nutritious bentos

Thanks you so much villa!!

Cedar Bento Box

Japanese Oval Bento Lunch Box Brown


Bento by Riko

I visited my friend Riko in Japan and she made some Bento Lunch for Haru Homeware and took some photos..

Check out her Instagram arenhase.

This is a Loco Moco Bento served in our Bento Lunch Bowl

Lcco Moco on rice and steamed carrot in left container and salad, pickles and sunny side up eggs in the right container.

Here is a Japanese style Bento in the same bowl.

Turnip salad with boiled egg and black vinegar chicken stir fry in left container and 18 grain rice and a pickled plum in the right.

Bento Lunch Bowl


Dear Customers

We are going to Japan from the 19th May to the 9th June so we will be temporarily closing our shop.

Please keep an eye on our blog as we will have some special updates from Japan and we will be bringing back new products.

Stay tuned!

Haru homeware




Block Bento Box

Fun at lunchtime with Block Bento Box.


We eat with our eyes first and these are great for presentation. The onigiri in the blue container were made with brown rice.

Left to right in red container is Kale, Tempura Kakiage (a mixture of vegetable bits in batter), fried cheese wonton, flower shaped cheese in carrot, Broccoli, spaghetti and egg.

Bentos are great because we can choose all our favourite foods!

Block Bento Box