Back To School Sale!

How was your holiday?

We had a great time traveling  this summer but it is almost over.

My daughter starts Kindergarten this year so we are busy getting ready for school.

block bento set y1.jpg

We know everyone will be making lots of lunches so.....

Block Bento Box 20% off

This is an adorable, functional Bento Box.

block bento set y2.jpg

It looks just like a toy block!

This is comprised of two compartments and space for cool gel pack.

Many people apparently had the first impression that this wouldnt hold much food but its quite spacious! \

(2 x 240ml)

A normal serving of rice is approximately 180ml.

block bento sety2.jpg

It seals to prevent leakage and is BPA free!

Included chopsticks, elastic band and ice gel.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Enjoy lunch time!

block bento set y3.jpg