About Haru

Haru is a family business thought up by a Japanese national living in Australia.

We seek to import high quality Japanese Homewares specializing Mino Ware Ceramics which are hand crafted in a traditional manner and range of fun and functional Bento Boxes.

We also help to expose up and coming Japanese artisans to a wider audience.

About Mino Ware

Minoyaki (otherwise known in the western world as Mino Ware) is a traditional Japanese style of handmade pottery from the Gifu region of Japan dating back from the Heian period (794 A.D. - 1191 A.D.).

Forming Minoyaki on a Potters Wheel

Eschewing symmetrical shapes and clean lines for a distorted design Minoyaki came to represent a more natural aesthetic beauty and was especially popular amongst tea ceremony masters in the era.

Originally an interest of the elite, from the Edo period (1603 A.D. - 1867 A.D.) onwards the popularity of Minoyaki spread to all levels of society.

Closing the Kiln where the products are fired.

Due to its long history, these days Minoyaki is seen as a very traditional form of Japanese pottery ware with many branches and styles. One style is called Oribe - named after the tea master Furuta Oribe - which has a green copper patina and was very popular amongst traditional Japanese tea ceremony masters in Furuta Oribe’s era (1544 A.D. - 1615 A.D.).

Oribe Stlye Minoyaki

Oribe Stlye Minoyaki

Minoyaki is a title of provenance meaning the pottery must come from Gifu prefecture in central Japan to be called Minoyaki pottery. Minoyaki is to this day practiced using traditional techniques and is handmade without any use of molds. Varying temperatures in the kiln and patterns to the glaze add to the uniqueness of each piece. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind statement for your table setting.

A Minoyaki Workshop